HubScale is the most comprehensive Relative Market Potential comparison of India
Hubscale enables every B2C company doing business in India to answer one important question

Where are my potential customers located?

To ensure the correct answer, we use complex algorithms to analyse following data volume


States and Union Teritories











India is the 7th largest country in terms of total area and 1st in terms of Arable area.

It is the 2nd most populous country

India has a diverse population across religions, languages, socio-economic classes , literacy levels

It is one of the fastest growing economies amongst the similar size GDP countries

So, when economy grows at such a pace for a huge population over huge geography, it become a daunting task for everyone doing business in India to assess and address market potential optimally

Many traditional ways of market assesments in small countries with lesser population and low growth rates, may not work in India

That is where HubScale pitches in..

Who can get benefited from Hubscale ?

Foreign Companies

Be the Early Bird

Foreign companies wanting to do business in India carefully follow a detailed process to ensure no wrong step is taken at any point. Attend Exhibition and seminars, Hire a business and compliance consultancy.. Read More

Leading Indian Companies

Continue the momentum

Leading Indian Companies depend on Sales teams, Channel network, Marketing agencies and the collective insights to get the market intelligence. Attrition of 'Performing' sales team members, Sales Incentive.. Read More

Emerging Companies

Exponential' is the word

Your business is now set in a limited geography and now you are looking to scale it up. You have done reasonably well in your initial territory due to you Native proficiency and local insights in.. Read More

Business Consultancy

Data under the hood

Business consultancies have significant subject mater expertise and huge internal knowledgebase. Business consultants are expert in Understanding the business problem, Use the knowledge base for accurate.. Read More


Get the accurate feedback

The Startup founder often has to get involved in all activities of his business. On a lighter term, he is often called as C2C ( Chairman to chaparasi) So you got your MVP ready and got the initial.. Read More


Taking the road less travelled

You are an individual who is passionate about sales and marketing Or you have an idea which is currently in the viability assessment phase Or you are a Sales consultant to your family friend for his.. Read More

HubScale : Doing business in India

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